Panasonic GH2 Lumix Power Plate Extended Power System

DV style battery adapter

Low profile DC Converter/adapter


Battery plate configuration

  • Precisely regulated voltage for compatibility with Panasonic GH2 Lumix camera.
  • Efficiency ~90%. Electronic overload/short circuit protection.
  • Intelligent "fuel gauge" remaining power LED indicator.
  • Accepts common DV 7.2V Panasonic, Sony, Canon batteries; Sony BP-U60/BP-U30 (SWIT etc. replacements).
  • 10-20 hours run time depending on the battery used.
  • Mounting brackets available.
  • Mates with DMW-DCC8 DC coupler.
  • Warranty 2 years parts and labor.

DC Converter configuration

Using common Panasonic, Sony or Canon 7.2V DV or 14.4V Sony BP-U60/BP-U30 batteries, the Power Plate battery adapter powers a camera with precisely regulated voltage, making it compatible with GH2 power requirements. Extra long continuous operation. Second output is available, select while ordering.
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Alternatively, use an external D-Tap/P-Tap, XLR4, car jack DC power source with a new low profile DC converter.

Both products come with an intelligent "fuel gauge" remaining power LED indicator. Watch a demo

D-Tap/P-Tap or XLR4/Car plug cable (any 12-25V power source)
Powers GH2 via the DCC8 cable
Dimensions: 3"x 2"x 5/8"

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Mounting Options Plates and connections options Run Time and compatibility

Westside Studio AV
2-piece slide-in bracket system

1/4"-20 threaded holes
shown with a Manfrotto screw (not included)

V-lock bracket

All major DV batteries plates

Westside Studio AV 2-piece slide-in bracket system

Run time (approximate)

5400 mAh DV battery - 10 hours
7800 mAh DV battery - 15 hours
Sony BP-U60 battery 16 hours

Batteries compatibility

7.2V batteries Sony "L"
14.4V Sony BP-U60/30
Panasonic "CGR" (HVX200, DVX100)
Panasonic (VW-VBG6PPK HMC150/AF100)
Canon "BP"

  Power Options 12V-16.4V

Shown with an Anton Bauer plate

- D-Tap/P-Tap or XLR4/Car plug (not shown)
- Sony BP-U60/30 battery
- Use either one or both (BP-U30 battery or cable) for hot swap
- Plug in in any order

Shown with a SWIT D-Tap connection

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